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IN Norwich Connecticut

The Guiding Light Bible Baptist Church

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105

KJV 1611 AV


How About... Your Just Looking For The Right Church, That Is By The Bible, Living and Serving Jesus Christ!!!!
Here It Is: Be Part Of A New Work, New Beginning, New Building, with the Old Book, Old ways...
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You may think all we do not need is another church in our city. That is so true, we don’t need another church. No we need a body of believers that are saved, washed in the blood of the LORD Jesus Christ that will set their goal to serving their Saviour. We need soldiers of Jesus Christ that will be always be ready to be called upon by God the Father.

There are many people in this area of Connecticut that are going to take up their last breath and end up in to the eternal fire of Hell. They are loved ones, mothers, fathers and children. They are the very creation of God.

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Worship Schedule

Sunday School --- 10:00 AM
Sunday Morning --- 11:00 AM
Sunday Evening --- 6:30 PM
Thursday Night --- 6:30 PM


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25 Eighth Street Norwich CT 06360


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